Blocking Referral Spam – Professional Advice From Semalt is a famous domain name, which is a property of Alphabet Inc. Because of some unknown reasons, this domain name has been referred to as spam by Google Analytics. Thus, a large number of webmasters have blocked it on a permanent basis, and you should also do the same. It has been reported that has been blocked by a large number of webmasters the world over. That has spammed Google Analytics data with non-real referral programs and illegal traffic. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the most dangerous third-party spamming sites and should not be opened at any cost.

Jack Miller, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, says in case you have visited this URL, its link will be saved in your browser. Also, it directs the users to web pages that contain strange messages. One of those messages is read as it has come from the founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page, but the fact is that it has nothing to do with reality and should be closed as early as possible.

Blocking the URL in Google Analytics

This particular URL utilizes a large number of tactics to make itself look authentic and legitimate. A lot of people attach it to their sites and consider it a good referral program, but it is actually not. This generates ghost traffic to your site, damaging your data on a daily basis. Blocking this URL in Google Analytics at your earliest is important. This URL is not recommended to big websites and service providers as it has been associated with a lot of phishing attacks. The hackers and spammers engage people in referrer spam and steal their personal information. is a legitimate site itself, but when it gets associated or linked with other websites, it cannot get them good results.

Referrer spammers

The aim and goal of referrer spammers are to target the data and files on your websites. They try to attract people through a number of promotional campaigns. They say that they will promote your site and get you quality visits, but it's not true. Almost all referrer spammers boost their own Google search result ranking by creating backlinks, they use your website to create such backlinks and can create problems for you. They are crawled by Google's index bots and pretend to be doing work on your behalf.

The danger for your site Google Analytics referrer spam intends to damage your site and ruin its measurements on the internet. It infects your data and creates fake reports. The next step is to send you fake visits and hits so that Google Analytics doubt on you. This infects most of your reports and reduces the quality of your traffic. So, it is very important to block this website and do not sign-up to its deals and offers, no matter how attractive and wonderful they are. It will get you a high bounce rate and target your keywords to rank its own sites. To get rid of it, you should create filters and block it by adjusting your settings. You can also create exclude filters to maximize your online protection.

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